Exhibitor tips for the Novi Home and Garden shows

Take some time prior to the show to prepare for success!

Determine your company's goals and objectives for the show - so you can plan to achieve each one. Some might be:
  • Writing orders
  • Gathering qualified leads
  • Testing new products or services
  • Building your corporate image
  • Finding new subcontractors
  • Evaluating the performance of new staff members
  • Shopping your competition
Establishing goals in advance helps you determine whether or not the show was successful for your company.

Be sure your "props" and staff are ready to make the best possible impression.

  • Does your booth or signage need updating?
  • Carpet need cleaning?
  • Is your company name displayed prominently?
  • Can the public immediately determine what product or service you are selling?
  • Do you have adequate sales literature?
  • Have you established a staffing schedule?
  • Do your sales persons know how to sell in a "booth" environment?
  • Do your sales persons know how to gather leads?
  • Do you have a "lead" form?

After the show ... follow up ... follow up ...

  • How will you divide the leads gathered among your sales persons?
  • How will your sales persons prioritize the leads?
  • How will your sales staff contact the leads?Telephone? Mail?  E-mail?
  • How often will the sales staff report to you on their progress?

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